After I joined Giumarra Company as an Export Division Coordinator. I did't stop doing website development. I started to work on some specific projects to simplize the quotation for the division.

This PHP based website includes 3 most frequently-used tools in our division. Air/Ocean Quotation and pack size price converter. I try to keep the style in the clear way to make it easy for my colleagues to use and avoid any confusion.

Version 0.9

Air/Ocean Export Quote(php/Javascript/Bootstrap CSS):

GED Air Export Quote

Auto Generated PDF Report(PHP/TCPDF Library):

GED Export pdfQuote Package Converter(Javascript):

GED Export Quote Pack

Update 05/28/2015 Current Version 0.91 Produce Guide Update:

Produce Guide

Angular JS ngRoute function used to direct each each commodity to its specific page.

Produce Guide Detail

Future Version: I will publish this website using domain and use it for general export industry use. Adding different currencies and may price marketing information.



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